winter-ish chop salad

Eating salad in the wintertime can be work. The air is cold, your limbs are cold, your small, dark heart is cold, and the last thing you want to do is stuff your frigid self full of chilled lettuce. No thanks.

But you probably still crave something that at least resembles a crisp vegetable after you’ve been slogging through soups and stews for days (dare I say weeks??). Enter the winter-ish chop, a hearty rendition of a bougie lunch staple that will carry you from winter to spring.

Here’s what you need:

✨ 3 parts chopped romaine

✨ 1 part goat cheese

✨ 1 part avocado

✨ 1 part pecans (roasted and salted)

✨ 2 parts roasted carrots, onions, whatever veggies you’re all about

Toss with a shot glass full of balsamic vinaigrette and you are good to go. Obviously, feel free to switch up any of the ingredients to suit whatever fridge buildup you have going on. Goat cheese can be swapped out for some other crumbly, semi-soft chez. Pecans can be replaced with walnuts or pistachios. Use butter lettuce if you have it and iceberg lettuce if you must. Though I will say, the roasted carrot + avocado + balsamic combo is high-key delicious.