a quick vinaigrette 101

Vinaigrettes are a stoner’s best friend. At their core, they’re just oil and vinegar shaken up until they get along. Like life itself, you can start with a simple, two-ingredient base and build on it until you get something freakishly distant from its ancestor but wonderful all the same.

The key to unlocking the vinaigrette universe is nailing the perfect oil to vinegar ratio for you. I put for you in italics because that part is crucial and can mean a lot of different things. Personally, I like a fairly tangy 2:3 vinegar to oil ratio. I’ve heard around the internets that normals typically stick with 1 part vinegar to 4 parts oil. To each their own I guess.

An essential vinaigrette to have in your arsenal is a basic balsamic vinaigrette. Grab some good balsamic vinegar, a mild olive oil, salt, pepper, and—brace yourselves—a touch of honey. The honey adds a subtle sweetness and cuts some of the nose-hair-burning heat of the vinegar. Emulsifying your dressing in a blender is probably the easiest strategy, but you can load everything in a jar and shake until your arm’s toned, too. Play around with different amounts of the ingredients until you come to a ratio that perfectly suits you.

Some other solid vinaigrette options:

lemon + olive oil + salt + pepper

white wine vinegar + olive oil + fresh garlic

blood orange juice + walnut oil

raspberry vinegar + grapeseed oil + shallots

rice vinegar + sesame oil

apple cider vinegar + olive oil + mustard

The list goes on and on.